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2 years ago

Dec. 14

Pree-sented m’ film terday! I ended up writing, directin’ an’ even starrin’ in it (as the mugger).

Ol’ Mario did the mocumentary version

An my pal Dave wit’ his moustache directed and wrote the action version (th’ cream o’ the crop if’n’s y’ ask me)

here’s a link!

2 years ago

Dec. 7

Well a happy day t’yer! Max cancelled class but that’s ok! Cause it means he’s havin’ his child!

Well his second one anyone. The sawbones said it was due ‘round the 8th, so sure ‘nuff, here the baby comes!

I wish him and his newly increased family all the best, such a happy occasion!

2 years ago

Nov. 30

This ‘un was an “open-werk” class where we gots ter  work on our final pojicts.

Piesner was kind ter play a bit o’ boardwalk empire fer us. Nifty show it is, bout the prohibition ‘gainst alcohol days…dark….dark times.

Got my script wrote up fer th’ comedy section of my project. I’ll be workin’ with two other fellers tellin’ a muggin’ story in 3 different ways. One’ll be a Film Noir, one’ll be a comedy, and one’ll be an action style.

2 years ago

Nov. 23

Took a lookee-loo at the variations in storytelling over that last wee whiles.

In th’ 80’s there was a yearnin’ fer sitcoms, h’actions n’ the like. Miami Vice, A-team an’ what have you.

Then on to the 90’s where they had more o’ the same, BUT, HBO stirred things all up wit’ budgets as high as a house. Oz, an I’m not talkin’ about no yellow brick road, was a beauty of a show they put out. Sopranos is worth a look too.

2 years ago

Nov. 16

Take Note, our short fiction assignenment’s due on th’ 4th o’ Decembre!

Cov’red some how-to’s ‘bout Inteeractive Storytellin’. Dang handy stuff. A feller by the name o’ Michael Heim had some clever things t’say ‘bout writin’.

His points’re to drown the viewer in ter th’ sights n’ sounds n’ tactility to whatever environ th’ character happens t’be in. Makes me think o’ the ocean.

oh! Then we broke off inter pardners n’ thought o’ a situation an’ a character, then came up with two possible outcomes o’ the event, an’ two more outcomes out o’ those outcomes!

2 years ago

Nov. 9, 2011

More on Documenterers t’day. Good stuff too! Saw’d us a flick ‘bout how the that Ring Lord thinger was made. Looked like a mad hour behind them scenes.

Then on ter Vi’dyuh games. Namely Sonic the spiky mouse n’ the Brudder hood o’ assanines. Neat stuff, but Piesner wus quick t’point out that when it’s a “making of” flick, then it’s more o’ an advert than a real docum’ntry.

ahh vid’yuh games….there’s a work in progress. They’re still tinkerin’ ‘round with makin’ gameplay n’ storytellin’ mash up proper-likes. Shadow o’ the Colossus, there’s a howd’yeh’do of an amazing thinger. Crazynuts…err…Psychonauts’s anoddur ‘un that bears lookin’ into. The writer’s been screwed around plenty by his former employers. Dang shame.

2 years ago

Nov. 2, 2011

Got us talkin’ about our next thing-gummy t’write up later’n the month. This time ‘round it’s got ter be ‘bout somethin’ real…sort of.

Documentareees! That’s what the name o’ the game was t’day. We interview our fellows’n then tried ter make a story ‘bout what we heard. Tricky darn stuff, like trying to club a rattlesnake. My fav’rite question was pickin’ between losin’ yer member or eating a whole human. Tough call.

th’important thing ter rememberer when h’editin’ documentaries, or anything I suppose, is to be comf’rtable wit killin’ most o’ yer work.

Heck I already done that with most o’ my liver.

2 years ago

Oct. 19, 2011

Saw’d us a short cinematic ‘bout a bullet in th’ brain. Happened to a crotechy old feller, can’t blame ‘im fer acting the way he did.

We got use a sprinklin’ o’ writers shorts we should take a gander at. My pers’nal fav’rite is Roald Dahl’s’s shortses. ‘Specially th’ one about the black mamba.

After that we gots us some good learnin’ on how ter plan fer low budget shorts. Likely most of what I’ll a-be-doin’. Some things ter keep in min wus ter write for low budgets, don’t plan nothin’ fancy. The first score o’ pages’re the importantest, producers’ll prob’bly only read that much.

Another good idear is ter make yer own short flick. Well why not!

2 years ago

Oct. 12, 2011

Saw a feller by the name o’ Kurt Vonnegut givin’ us some helpful tips in writin’ (short stories that is. Even so though, Max said there was wiggle room allowed).
Lemme give yer a brief list o’ Vonnegut’s tips.
-amuse th’ stranger
-have the reader root fer a character
-ev’ry character wants a drink o’ water
-th’ sentences should push along th’s story and/or ree-veel a character
-start nearish the end
-Be sadistic (hey I ain’t makin’ these up)
-set out ter make just one person happy
-tell th’ readers TONS right off th’ bat.

An’ then we went inter active voice an’ passive voice. Now if you’ll h’excuse me, my gut’s got an active voice in tellin’ me it’s time t’ use the loo….

2 years ago

Oct. 5, 2011

Got t’gether wit’ a pardner t’day. Twos by twos, jest like ol’ Noeh’s Erk. Well alla usn’s scribbled up a ch’rcter togeether an’ we wrote us up a tough gal who wus a reb’lican! Can’t say I like the cut o’ their jib, but it’s th’ chracter’s pree-fee-rence not mine.

Then wes all learned ‘bout th’ big ol’ proh-ject due by h’October th’ twenny-sixth. Lookin’ for’erd to it.

An’ then we went inter “See-gnificant deetailers” when writin’. Fer example, it’s a darn sight easier t’believe a lie if thare’s some magnificent details. So if ol’ Ted wus suppos-ed t’go down by the creek t’get water in th’ cabin fer the evenin’, but he didn’, then he’s believable when he says.
"Well how rootin’-tootin’ was I supposed t’get any water when thare’s a nice ol’ lady down by th’s creek an’ she’s shiverin’ in her orange plaid blanket and one shoe an’ don’t have no can t’carry water wit’ her?!"

Speakin’ o’ which I should have a talk with Ted…

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